I’m a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History at the University of Birmingham: http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/war


My next book is published by Oxford University Press on 22 March 2018. ‘Haig’s Enemy: Crown Prince Rupprecht and Germany’s War on the Western Front’ studies one of Germany’s most senior First World War generals to see what he can teach us about the war and the armies which fought it. You can find further details here: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/haigs-enemy-9780199670468?q=jonathan%20boff&lang=en&cc=gb

My last book was a military history of the 100 Days campaign which ended the First World War: http://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/history/military-history/winning-and-losing-western-front-british-third-army-and-defeat-germany-1918

If you’d like to see me speak, please have a look at the ‘Events’ tab, where you should have an updated list.

You can follow me on Twitter @jonathanboff

All views expressed are my own.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. First Twitter, now a blog! Whatever next Dr Boff? Welcome.

  2. rurughoshal said:

    Lovely blog, Dr. Boff. Hope to see more soon.

  3. You need some categories – very important for organising your thoughts and more crucially to be picked up by the search engines 🙂

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